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Finding a good and worthwhile ‘Email Marketing’ software is absolutely necessary to bring more engagement, boost the conversion, increase traffic, improve delivery rate, lower the bounce rate, and get a good click-through rate. For a successful email marketing, you need to follow a complete strategic process. But getting a right email marketing channel is the first step to head towards the most engaging and the most fruitful channel of marketing till now i.e. ‘Email Marketing Campaigns

Currently, there are dozens of EM software packed with head-turning features that grab the attention of your audience. How would you choose which works best for you? Getting a low cost or free EM software would be the first choice for the most of marketer. In this article, we are sharing the most popular ‘Free or Low-Cost Email Marketing Channels’ to boost your business in 2018.

1. MailChimp: It offers Forever Free plan for less than 2000 contacts or 12000 emails per month completely free. MailChimp will never ask you to add a credit card and will not expire till your contact lists remain in the range of 2000. However, you can upgrade it anytime to upgrade the count of recipients included many add-on features. In free plan, some of the functionalities like autoresponders, best time optimization, spam filter diagnostics remain unavailable. Furthermore, your email campaign will be delivered with Mailchimp badge in the footer. Nonetheless, you can remove it with a simple upgrade.

2. Benchmark Email: It offers Free for Life You can send 14000 emails per month in free plan. Furthermore, it allows to use its impressive functionalities like creating an online survey; built-in templates, track email statistics in an organised manner. However, the only problem with this channel is that you can build a list from your subscribers instead of copy or paste unlike Mail Chimp. An email recipient needs to subscribe through filling up the sign-up form. So, it’s ideal to use an account that has a maximum number of subscribers for Benchmark.


Email Marketing Software Total Contacts Total Emails per Month Features


12000 Email Scheduling, Copy and Paste Contacts, Sign Up Forms, Reporting Tool
Benchmark 2000 14000 Reporting Tool, Built-in Email Templates, Online Survey
Verticle Response 1000 4000 Autoresponder tool, Unlimited Sign-up Forms, Easy FB & Twitter
Mailrelay 3000 15000 Can extend Email Contacts and Count of Emails in Free Plan
ReachMail 5000 15000 Basic Features

3. Vertical Response: You can send 4000 emails per month through Vertical Response Free Plan and can store 1000 contacts. However, this number is relatively low from above two but if you have limited contacts (till 1000), this plan could be a good fit. A list of free features that it offers – autoresponder tool, creating an unlimited amount of sign up forms, easy option to connect one Facebook and one Twitter account. If you want to outgrow your plan, you can update to monthly plan or pay-you-go plans.

4. Mailrelay: Mail relay is the most popular and an advanced, powerful online email marketing channel. You can send 15000 emails per month to 3000 subscribers. Also, there is an option to increase this limit at free of cost by following them on FB and Twitter. By following there one platform, you will get separate 1000 contacts and 5000 emails. So, you can get total 5000 contacts and 25000 emails per month. But there would be a restriction of mail size, i.e. max 100 KB. Although, you can also send a bigger size email. But it would be counted as another email in your billing like for 250Kb size, Mailrelay would consider them 3 emails.

5.Reachmail: It offers to send 15000 emails to 5000 subscribers per month for free.

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Written by meenakshi goyal
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