Online assessment - Why it is important for your business

Why Online Assessment is important for your Business?

Are you struggling to convince your customers to buy your products or are unable to achieve your sales target? Do you know what guides the buying decision of a customer today? It’s clearly the information that he gathers online. If you are facing these issues then you must be lacking a component in your marketing plan that ensures timely success and competitive advantage to you. As we all know most buying decisions are driven by conversations and research done online. Through appropriate conversation, you can influence a customer’s mind into engaging with your product or services. 

In my career as a digital marketer, I’ve come across numerous online campaigns that were launched without a deep understanding of competitors, ideal target market or discovering the unique value of a brand.  The result was like a broken horn, where you may see the leads grow, from both organic or paid channels, but the quality and overall ROI decreases. That’s one of the reasons we take online assessment very seriously. One of the ways to fix this situation is to conduct ‘online assessment‘ before you launch a digital campaign.

Online Assessment refers to a deep scan of your brand’s visibility, web ranking and spread of your web properties and coming up with a blueprint that closes all gaps and brings the best ROI on the investment.

Do you want to know how?

  • User Experience & Information Architecture

We do analysis by checking your website and find the pros and cons, find ways to engage traffic to your website also we manage the content and flow of a website based on research and planning.

  • Competitor Analysis

By doing competitor analysis, we do research and development where your website is lacking to keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • Audience Analysis & Market Positioning

We analyze by identifying audience demands that can directly be linked to you, which would directly create a good perception of your brand as compared to others.

  • Online Visibility

We do have a special team for SEO activity. That does R&D for the keyword analysis to improve your keyword ranking which would eventually make your brand visible on the top 5 list of the google search.  

Pure Design Solution, a 360-degree full-service digital marketing agency in Dallas, was recognized as Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies in India in 2018 by Silicon India Magazine. Marking nine years of successful operation across in U.S., Australia, and India; Pure Design Solution has recorded consistent growth in revenue, long-term International client list & growth amongst the internal team.

To cross the journey from conversations to conversions and to leads, we work in three phases:

Ideate: It includes User analysis, market, and competitor analysis exercise. Here we do brainstorming to find something unique about the business that makes you look far better from others.

Procure: We weave solution in terms of Content writing such as Articles, Emailers, press release and SEO activity that becomes the strength of your company.  

Distribute: We execute the plan. Spread it to the social media especially to the people for who it is meant for, making it more relevant and actionable.  

Our strategy ends with performance tracking and measurements based on the initially decided goals. The process is ongoing because it is critical to stay ahead of competitors and stand out in the current market.

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Suchi Gupta
Written by Suchi Gupta
A passionate digital marketeer, with 10+ years experience in both B2C and B2B markets. Multi-disciplinary skill set in Digital & Social Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Activation, Product Launch, Campaign Creation, Storytelling and User Engagement. Forte in developing and implementing a multi-channel approach to create a powerful brand presence and drive action from the target audience. A creative solution finder with a proven track record in defining, building and delivering SMART BRANDS, effectively.