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Competitor Analysis is a strategic research document that gives a deep insight into what your competitors are doing and how they are positioning themselves on the web. When you track and research competitor’s online activity, you learn what’s working for them and what may work for you. It is critical to know how to outplay them in your favour by finding out the ‘sweet spot’ that they missed out or ignored. Understanding the importance of competitive analysis for building an omnichannel online marketing strategy is important to the success of any online campaign. So if you are planning to power up your game this year you must start with ‘Competitor Analysis’. 

Competitive Analysis - Online Presence Stats

2018 has clearly been a year of ‘Search’, especially with mobile search increasing by 90%. Clearly, the race to the top, of the page ranking, is not going to be an easy one. Without knowing your competitors and how they rank on popular keywords Search results, you may lose a big portion of your online customer right there.

Competitive Analysis

By identifying competitors and assessing their strengths and weaknesses compared to your own, you can get a much better understanding of your audience as well as decide your next course of action that gives you maximum advantage. Not only this, it would help you develop a killer content strategy – the core of your company’s content marketing program.

A competitor analysis and content strategy go hand-in-hand, as both are necessary during the launch of a new company or product. Once you are done with it, you have a clear picture of how to map the entire campaign to connect with your audience.

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To help you get started on a winning digital strategy, we’ve put together key steps that will put you on the right track. This guide not only informs but also breaks down in simple steps how to conduct the analysis and use the insights to build your campaign. As this is our first guide of 2019, we plan to launch it FREE. All you have to do is signup by clicking on the link below and enjoy free access of it in your inbox:

What our competitor analysis guide will explain to you?

After going through our guide, you will be able to understand and do

  1. What is an Online Competitive Analysis?
  2. Who are Your Top Competitors?
  3. What is the Importance of SWOT Analysis?
  4. Top 5 things you should constantly track about your competitors?
  5. How to do Competitive Analysis in less than 3 steps?
  6. Which tools you can use to do a competitive analysis?

And much more…

So are you ready to outsmart your competitors? Download your free guide of competitor analysis today. Once you have gone through it, we request you to share your experience or what changes you have seen in your digital campaign. If you have questions, you can also contact us at  or directly call us at (469) 345 2968.

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