4 Step Marketing Guide

Do you know 9 out of 10 companies don’t get the results they are hoping to achieve from their online campaigns?

The most common reason for this failure is their inability to establish trust and attract customers to their brand’s message, which they take it lightly. Even though their product or service offering may be revolutionary or one of a kind, they may not be able to break into the MARKET because of their wrong approach.

So, here’s my question to you –

Do you feel like something is not working with your online marketing efforts and you aren’t able to figure out what it is? 

If yes, then you must reconsider your initial go-to-market strategy.

Oh wait! You forgot to build one! It’s not surprising as most marketers rush into creating a campaign before building a sound strategy for it. First of all, your strategy should be built around your TARGET AUDIENCE. Remember, each product/service is unique and needs a customized solution that relates to the audience base. You need to evaluate your marketing plan through all recent and innovative things that you can offer to your customer.

Secondly, Your marketing plan should be clever enough to guide you in selecting the right marketing channel. If your campaign is not delivering the desired results then you must reevaluate where you are focusing your efforts.

Consider this example:

We all know how Airbnb’s international marketing strategy has led the brand to transform itself into one of the most successful brands of recent times.

Airbnb, a community marketplace for people to list and book accommodations around the world, was founded in 2008 out of San Francisco, California. Since then, Airbnb has grown to 1,500,000+ listings in 34,000+ cities worldwide. A large contributor to the company’s explosive global success? Social media campaigns.

In January 2015, Airbnb launched a social media campaign around the hashtag #OneLessStranger. The company referred to the campaign as a “global, social experiment,” in which Airbnb asked the community to perform random acts of hospitality for strangers, and then take a video or photo with the person and share it using the hashtag.

Similarly, you need to introduce innovations in your marketing plan according to the time and the latest trend. We are in the 21st century and all traditional channels are almost dead now. In the new age of marketing people are more addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Twitter.

But before you jump into any kind of social or paid campaign activity, take a step back and strategize your campaign first.

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Written by meenakshi goyal
Started her career as a Technical Writer in 2011, Meenakshi has evolved into a digital marketing and content expert over the last decade. She portrays multi-disciplinary skill set in Digital & social content strategy, blog optimisation, blog publishing, social branding, email marketing and SEO content creation for beauty and wellness.