4-step marketing formula

Do you know nine out of 10 start-ups fail? And the most common reason for this failure is their inability to establish trust and attract customers to their new brand. Even though their product or service offering may be revolutionary or one of a kind, they may not able to break into the market because of their wrong approach. If you are in a similar situation, you must be feeling like blowing a broken horn. You have a well-planned marketing strategy, still not getting the desired output.

So, here is my question for you –

Do you feel something is wrong with your marketing efforts and you are not able to figure out what it is?

If yes then you must reconsider your marketing plan. First of all, your marketing plan should be built around your ‘selective’ target audience. Remember, each product/service is unique and need a customized solution according to its audience base. Begin by evaluating your product through innovative things that you can offer to your customer.

Have you planned your marketing strategy around endless social trends?

There is an overload of information everywhere we see – mobile, social and desktop. It is easy to get caught in the web of misleading tactics and quick recipes for marketing with the hope that they will convert fast. If you have tried one of those shortcuts and got burnt, you need to rethink and apply a well-proven formula to your startup’s marketing campaign.

Are you attracting lot of ‘likes’ and nothing else?

If the answer to your question is yes and the output is not there, it clearly indicates that you are missing something in your marketing plan. Probably you are missing those 4-step marketing formula that converts likers to followers and followers to customers for your brand.

Take action before its getting too late.

DOWNLOAD our 4-step marketing formula and find the path that leads followers to a brand and makes them your loyal customers.

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meenakshi goyal
Written by meenakshi goyal
Started her career as a Technical Writer in 2011, Meenakshi has evolved into a digital marketing and content expert over the last decade. She portrays multi-disciplinary skill set in Digital & social content strategy, blog optimisation, blog publishing, social branding, email marketing and SEO content creation for beauty and wellness.